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Measure Your Mission: How to Prove the Value of Your School’s Strategic Plan

by Mark Visco Jr. on October 23, 2020

“Many colleges and universities claim to be mission-driven. But how many actually are?”

That’s the question administrators at the University of Wyoming’s Honors College set out to answer. According to Honors College dean Peter Parolin, UW strives to encourage service, engagement and leadership, priding themselves on producing graduates ready to make a difference in the world.

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Topics: Strategic Plan

A New Kind of Business School: How Business Schools Demonstrate Value in Remote Learning Environments

by Mark Visco Jr. on October 20, 2020

As the country pushes forward through the COVID-19 health crisis, business schools across the US find themselves facing some tough decisions.

A recent survey of business school administrators showed that more than 50% expect a decrease in admissions for the fall. Those kinds of enrollment numbers have higher education institutions asking critical questions about their futures.

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Topics: Virtual Learning

Technology in Higher Education: Debunking Digital Student Engagement Myths

by Mark Visco Jr. on September 24, 2020

Among the many lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the power of technology to connect us wherever we are. From Zoom meetings to live chats to even cyber-weddings, advanced communication tools have the power to bring us together, keep us engaged and ensure we remain on a positive track toward our career and personal goals.

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Topics: Mobile-First Technology

Using Group-Based Engagement to Reignite Passion This Fall

by Mark Visco Jr. on September 23, 2020

The best professors know that incorporating active learning and participation through group work is an effective way to keep students engaged in the classroom—especially if projects and assignments are structured well and reviewed fairly. The group format often connects participants in meaningful ways and boosts motivation by creating a healthy competitive environment that students find fun and refreshing.

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Topics: Student Engagement

How to Turn Top-Performing Students into Influencers

by Mark Visco Jr. on September 10, 2020

The proliferation of YouTube stars, Instagram celebrities, and TikTok sensations have birthed a new phenomenon: influencers. These social media celebs have amassed a large following and anything they publish becomes a popular trend among their followers. Garner enough influence over the right group, and big companies will pay you to publish content, adding valuable social proof to products and services.

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Topics: Student Influencers

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