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Using Group-Based Engagement to Reignite Passion This Fall

by Mark Visco Jr. on September 23, 2020

The best professors know that incorporating active learning and participation through group work is an effective way to keep students engaged in the classroom—especially if projects and assignments are structured well and reviewed fairly. The group format often connects participants in meaningful ways and boosts motivation by creating a healthy competitive environment that students find fun and refreshing.

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Student Engagement Survey: The Biggest Challenges & Time-Consuming Tasks

by Mark Visco Jr. on June 25, 2020

If you’ve been in charge of keeping up student communication and engagement through the pandemic—or you’re tasked with establishing plans for the future of your campus’s student experience—you know how difficult it can be to get students involved in your school’s community and in their own academic careers. COVID-19 is only one of the many roadblocks the industry must overcome on the way to making more authentic, complete connections with students.

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Keep Students Engaged with Virtual Learning Experiences

by Mark Visco Jr. on May 15, 2020

With campuses closing across the country, countless university administrators are struggling to maintain strong, meaningful connections with students. Traditional face-to-face methods of student engagement aren’t possible right now, but modern tech tools offer countless solutions to connect with students and provide teaching, counseling, supervision, training, support, and guidance.

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