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NCHC: A Review of Honors College Student Success Best Practices and Career Readiness Templates

October 29, 2021
11:00 AM EST
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, Southern 4
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We look forward to seeing you in Orlando! At NCHC 2021, Suitable will present a session on student success and career readiness best practices for honors colleges. Through our work serving honors colleges nationwide, Suitable has helped implement innovative experiential learning and co-curricular involvement initiatives to improve the success and career readiness of honors students. This session will highlight best practices from our most successful honors college partners and provide templates for scaffolding a student’s career development.

The global pandemic has caused us to reimagine our daily lives. In the process, we have been forced to reimagine how we do teaching, learning and community building within education, higher education, and honors education. There is no going back and while some adaptations have actually enriched honors experiences, the lack of personal connections and organic intellectual conversations has hampered the impact of honors engagement on our students’ lives.

This session will provide:

  • Background on Suitable and how we help honors colleges.
  • Best practices and templates for structuring career readiness for honors students.
  • Trends and insights about how to engage honors students post pandemic.
  • Live, interactive attendee activities and Q&A throughout the session.


Friday, October 29 11:00AM-12:00PM

A Review of Honors College Student Success Best Practices and Career Readiness Templates

By Mark Visco Jr. in room Southern 4


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Mark Visco Jr.

Co-Founder, CEO

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