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Scaling the Bucks+ Program: Boosting Student Retention & Improving Outcomes

October 19, 2022
01:00 PM EST
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In partnership with Bucks County Community College, Suitable invites you to join us for an upcoming partner story on Wednesday, October 19th. It's free to attend, and a complimentary recording will be sent to you after the event.

The Bucks+ program helps students enhance their personal and professional acumen by building critical competencies and career readiness skills. 

Since partnering with Suitable in 2019, the team at BCCC has refined and scaled the Bucks+ program, gathering best practices, data and insights along the way.

And the numbers don't lie.

In AY 21-22, completing just one activity through Bucks+ boosted retention over 14%. If students completed just 5 activities, that retention rate skyrocketed to 95%.

What is the team at Bucks County Community College doing to impact student retention in such a significant way?

Tune in on October 19th to find out.

This event will dive into:

  • How the team at BCCC scaled the Bucks+ program and leveraged it as a retention tool.
  • How Bucks+ embeds high-impact competencies into the student journey earlier.
  • Best practices for collecting, analyzing and impacting retention data
  • PLUS: A live Q&A opportunity with the Bucks+ team!


Wednesday, October 19 1:00PM-1:05PM

Opening Remarks

by Jessica Fischer

Wednesday, October 19 1:05PM-1:45PM

Scaling the Bucks+ Program: Boosting Student Retention & Improving Outcomes

Wednesday, October 19 1:45PM-2:00PM

Live Q&A

Join the Bucks+ team for a live Q&A and have all of your questions answered!


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Greg Luce

Interim Dean, Department of Business + Innovation, Bucks County Community College

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Chris Seifert

Coordinator, Student EngagementStudent Life and Athletics, Bucks County Community College

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Jessica Fischer

Content Marketing Manager, Suitable

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