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University Of Pittsburgh

Universities partner with Suitable to…

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Improve student participation, assessment, and create Experiential Learning Records.


Better track, monitor, and validate student success outside of the classroom. Document and verify experiential learning credits, service hours, and co-curricular activities. Help students celebrate their accomplishments.

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Attain better outcome data on student retention and persistence initiatives.


Implement an intentional FYE with a tailored road map of key experiences students complete on their mobile devices. Leverage unique FYE data to analyze and predict retention or persistence outcomes while supporting early alert initiatives.

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Elevate student success by scaffolding competency development and career readiness articulation.


Structure learning to build clear student pathways to developing core skills and transferable competencies. Customize rubrics that translate SLOs and improve assessment/accreditation reporting.


Catalog all of your experiential learning opportunities, from events to high impact practices, into one place with Suitable.

Personalize and integrate every single opportunity to drive awareness. Leverage data to learn why it’s all going so well and how to continuously improve.

  • Study Abroad
  • First Year Experience
  • Career Services
  • Student Organizations
  • Residence Halls
  • Student Activities
  • Community Service
  • Research Opportunities
  • Mentorship Programs
  • And many others!

A groundbreaking approach coupled with unprecedented technology that will help construct your first Student Development Program (SDP) or enhance an existing one.

Success Stories and Collaborations

Retaining more students and lowering the rate of course withdrawal. Retaining more students and lowering the rate of course withdrawal.

After transitioning from their old technology platform to Suitable, Montclair State University was able to figure out what was working and not working when it came to their First-Semester Experience. Montclair State University was able to associate specific First-Semester participation data with significantly higher rates of retention. Further, Montclair State University found students who completed the entire First-Semester Experience milestone on Suitable were retained at a rate 10-15% higher. This unique participation data also led to correlations on the impact certain First Year experiences have on course withdrawal rates.

Developing core competencies and articulating career readiness. Developing core competencies and articulating career readiness.

SOAR is a competency-based program ran out of the Advising & Career Services office at UW and is comprised of high impact experiential opportunities that will engage, shape and prepare students to meet complex challenges in the future. We are aiming to implement 11,000+ Experiential Learning Records over the next few academic years with a specific goal of 25% of Seniors by 2022. Over half of the pilot cohort of Freshman participated in the first year of the partnership.

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Improving student success and their time to graduation. Improving student success and their time to graduation.

More students have participated in the OCC than ever before, allowing the University of Pittsburgh to analyze a considerable amount of data on their experiences. Since transitioning to a new technology platform, OCC completion rates have increased over 40%. Through analysis Pitt found that their students who complete the OCC are more likely to graduate and do so with a higher GPA than students who do not complete the OCC.


Building a more successful student body means addressing the hi-tech and complex needs of the upcoming generations of students. Personalize your student experience with Suitable.