Customer Stories

Hear some of our partner schools showcase how they are successfully working with Suitable to boost student engagement and achieve greater student success outcomes. These stories will highlight why they chose Suitable, how they use our technology, and how this increases the value offered to their students.


Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech College of Business launched a new student development program powered by Suitable called E3. E3 stands for Engage, Elevate and Explore. The E3 program was designed to enable students to build a record of their competency development showcasing learning experiences that take place outside the classroom. SPEAKERS: Jessica George - Executive Director of Student Services and Placement Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


University of Akron

The Institute for Leadership Advancement offers The University of Akron’s only comprehensive academic and co-curricular leadership programs to students of all academic majors and interests. SPEAKERS: Kevin Smith, PhD. - Director of Institute of Leadership Advancement Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


University of Alabama

UA Business LEAD’s dedication to the growth and development of its students and graduates goes beyond classroom learning to instill in students the values of the school itself: the rigorous pursuit of knowledge, a capacity for innovation in modern business’ most competitive fields and the ability to remain relevant in a global business environment that is always redefining relevance. SPEAKERS: David Motherbaugh, PhD. - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Susan Cowles - Director of Career Management Sean Carson - VP of University ...


Troy University

The Sorrell College of Business’ GEEKS program brings the College’s mission statement to life. SORRELL graduates are Globally aware, Engaged with the business community, Ethical decision makers, Knowledgeable to compete, and Successful. Through participation in College and University co-curricular and extracurricular activities mapped to each of these traits, students achieve GEEK status and demonstrate their career readiness. SPEAKERS: Sven Aelterman - Director of IT - Sorrell College of Business Tara Morelock - Development Coordinator - ...


UNC Greensboro

Bryan Gold is a career readiness challenge designed to bolster the personal and professional development of undergraduate students in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. Students can engage in activities tied to eight key competencies desired by employers, and track their progress along the way. Bryan Gold’s gamified approach also inspires healthy competition as students earn points, level-up, and attain badges on their way to the top of the public leaderboard. This holistic experience provides employers with a visual representation of ...


Temple University

In an effort to ensure our future graduates are positioned for career advancement, the Fox School of Business has introduced the Fox Leadership Development Program (FLDP). Powered by Suitable, the FLDP will strengthen competencies that companies/recruiters regularly look for in potential employees. SPEAKERS: Laura Broomell - Assistant Director of Enrollment Management Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


Montclair State University

Experience Montclair (EM) is a University-wide initiative designed to provide activities, events and workshops to help students stimulate intellectual curiosity and career readiness through academic and co-curricular programming. This initiative promotes active student engagement starting in the very first semester. As students begin their transition to college life they will be presented with opportunities to explore areas of personal and professional interest in order to gain necessary skills for future employment and/or graduate study. By ...


Kean University

The Cougar Pathway to Success was designed to give Kean students the ability to take ownership of their professional competency development outside of classroom. SPEAKERS: Nohelia Diplan, MSW - Managing Assistant Director Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


University of Pittsburgh

The OCC is a collection of experiences, programs, and events at Pitt that help students to make the most of their collegiate experience. Open to all Pitt students, regardless of major or career path, the OCC helps students develop highly desirable character traits and life skills. SPEAKERS: Amy Lavallee - Outside the Classroom Curriculum Coordinator Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


University of Wyoming

SOAR is a competency based program at UW made up of experiences that will shape, engage and prepare students to meet unpredictable and complex challenges for the future. Students participate in high impact learning experiences in research, cross-cultural and international perspectives, internships, entrepreneurship, leadership and community service. SPEAKERS: Jo Chytka - Director of Advising, Career and Exploratory Studies Center (ACES) Sean Carson - VP of University Partnerships


Shippensburg University

To ensure future graduates are positioned for career advancement, John L. Grove College of Business teamed up with the Career, Mentoring and Professional Development Center to introduce its Raider Ready Program. Powered by Suitable, the Raider Ready is designed to strengthen competencies that companies/recruiters regularly look for in potential employees. SPEAKERS: Victoria Kerr - Director of Career Development Alix Rouby - Director of MBA Recruitment, Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach Sean Carson - VP of University ...