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The first full-stack student engagement platform

Whether you want to boost student engagement, scaffold student development, or elevate student success, Suitable has a mobile-first solution to help you transform your student experience.

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Ushering in the next era of student success

Suitable’s groundbreaking design is backed by empirical research on practical engagement strategies. We leverage your already existing activities and programs and turn them into fun, game-like, learning experiences that promote a greater sense of achievement with students.


Student Engagement and Awareness

Everything you need to grow in-person and virtual student engagement, give student groups and communities an online home, and get your message through to more students.

Student Development and Skill Acquisition

All the tools you need to sustain student involvement and scaffold student experiences, competencies, and achievements. Help students personalize their journey while encouraging High Impact Practices.

Student Enrollment, Retention and Persistence

Design data-driven models for student retention. Support students throughout the entire lifecycle and augment early alert or intervention initiatives to predict persistence with confidence.
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Data visualization, analytics, and insights

The Suitable student engagement platform offers a full suite of capabilities to measure experiential and co-curricular learning with unprecedented precision. Better visualize and track student engagement in real-time and generate data-driven insights to continuously improve. All while having the comfort of knowing you and your students’ information is secure.

Data Insights@2x

Unmatched Data Analytics and Insights

Out of the box, Suitable's student engagement platform will provide unparalleled reporting and analytics on your student engagement metrics. However, we know each school is unique and has unique reporting needs. Therefore, there are custom reporting services available to best serve you. Plus, our integration specialists are experts at helping your school connect Suitable to your existing systems and data warehouses.


Painless Migrations From Legacy Technology

If you are migrating off a legacy vendor or homegrown system, we can handle the process from end to end. With more and more schools switching off antiquated platforms and coming to Suitable, we now have established migration plans for all the major competitors that can make the process short, sweet and straightforward for you and your university’s IT staff.

Enterprise Security@2x

Information Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Student data privacy is of the utmost importance to the entire team at Suitable. To be clear, Suitable uses student data in a FERPA compliant manner. On Suitable, students are always in control of their privacy. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about Suitable’s commitment to data privacy, security, and compliance.

"It was so opportune when we found Suitable. Before we didn't have any way for students to collect their experiences, reflect on them as they move through the scaffolding of our competencies"

Jo Chytka

Jo Chytka

Director of Academic, Career and Exploratory Studies Center (ACES) University of Wyoming

"The technology, the leaderboard, and the badges, are a way for students to recognize what others are doing, and that they can do those things too and that is immensely helpful."


Tyler Wiersma

Assistant Director for Undergraduate Professional Development

"We feel like students often don't know how to tell their story and the competency model that underpins Suitable we feel gives us a way to help our students tell their story."

David Mothersbaugh

David Mothersbaugh

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Suitable keeps everything in one nice and neat place with great reporting capabilities so it makes it really easy to keep track of the success of individual events as well as the aggregate."

Laura Broomell

Laura Broomell

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

"Suitable is the glue of the OCC because it's what students are logging into, what they're using, what they're seeing, and they can navigate their scorecard and their achievements, and it's important that they have a system that they trust."

Amy Vaught

Amy Vaught

Outside the Classroom Curriculum Coordinator

"What was wonderful was that we were able to get Suitable up and implemented it into the tech piece in less than 2 months, so that was huge."

Victoria Kerr

Victoria Kerr

Director of Career Development

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