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Student Engagement and Awareness

Engage from enrollment to commencement

All the tools you need to increase student engagement and build digital communities – in-person or virtually. All without the headaches.

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How are you transforming your student experience to be inclusive and supportive of all students?

Cutting-Edge Student Engagement Strategies

Gamifying Involvement & Achievement
Mobile-First College Engagement Solutions
Managing Student Organizations
Event Tracking
Service Hours Tracking
Gamifying Involvement & Achievement

Incentivize and encourage active engagement, while celebrating and recognizing student accomplishments

  • Finally make higher education engagement a fun, interactive experience for students.
  • Turn top performing students into influencers.
  • Engage students directly through your branded student engagement app.
  • Help students earn points, level up, and reward them with incentives along the way.
  • Automatically translate a student’s involvement into competencies and showcase their involvement on our Co-Curricular Transcripts.
Mobile-First College Engagement Solutions

Maintain and grow student engagement even when campus is remote

  • Get your message through to more students via segmented push notifications.
  • Host online events, 1-on-1 meetings, and group chatrooms.
  • Generate custom video libraries and remote learning pathways.
  • Launch Suitable’s ready-made EPIC Student Success Curriculum.
Managing Student Organizations

Foster a sense of belonging and inclusion through our digital community-building capabilities

  • Give your student organizations, Greek life, and clubs a digital home.
  • Equip student org leaders with all the tools they need to manage their roster, events, and membership.
  • Put all your student groups and communities in the pocket of every student.
  • Access unique data and insights on group-based engagement.
Student Org Management Toolset
Event Tracking

Plan and manage events with ease, whether they are on-campus, off-campus, or virtual

  • Help students find upcoming events right from their smartphone.
  • Offer contactless check-ins (No Scanners or Swipers needed).
  • Seamlessly integrate existing campus calendars.
  • Pull attendance reports in real-time, right from your student engagement software portal.
The Event Planning App
Service Hours Tracking

Make tracking service hours a breeze

  • Help students rack up service hours.
  • Efficiently verify service hours with our native workflows.
  • Give students a record of their service.
  • Report on service hours on an individual and aggregate level.
The Service Hours Tracking App
Service Hours Tracking

Tools of Engagement

Check out all the additional tools we’ve designed specifically for helping you get the most return on your student engagement investments.

Experience Points@2x

Experience Points

Influencer and Leader Boards@2x

Influencer and Leader Boards

Engagement Incentives@2x

Engagement Incentives

Co-Curricular Records Web and Mobile@2x

Co-curricular Transcript

Branded Mobile App@2x

Branded Mobile App

Remote Check In@2x

Remote Check-in

Virtual Events and Meetings@2x

Virtual Events and Meetings

Epic Student Success Curriculum@2x

EPIC Student Success Curriculum

Elections, Polls, Reregistration@2x

Elections, polls, andre-registration

Event Management@2x

Event management (on-campus and/or virtual)

Organization Profile Pages@2x

Organization profile pages

Group Specific Badges@2x

Group-specific badges

Service Record@2x

Service Record

Self Reporting Options@2x

Self-reporting Options

Streamlined Verification@2x

Streamlined Verification

Robust Service Hours Reporting@2x

Robust Service Hours Reporting

"It was so opportune when we found Suitable. Before we didn't have any way for students to collect their experiences, reflect on them as they move through the scaffolding of our competencies"

Jo Chytka

Jo Chytka

Director of Academic, Career and Exploratory Studies Center (ACES) University of Wyoming

"The technology, the leaderboard, and the badges, are a way for students to recognize what others are doing, and that they can do those things too and that is immensely helpful."


Tyler Wiersma

Assistant Director for Undergraduate Professional Development

"We feel like students often don't know how to tell their story and the competency model that underpins Suitable we feel gives us a way to help our students tell their story."

David Mothersbaugh

David Mothersbaugh

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Suitable keeps everything in one nice and neat place with great reporting capabilities so it makes it really easy to keep track of the success of individual events as well as the aggregate."

Laura Broomell

Laura Broomell

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

"Suitable is the glue of the OCC because it's what students are logging into, what they're using, what they're seeing, and they can navigate their scorecard and their achievements, and it's important that they have a system that they trust."

Amy Vaught

Amy Vaught

Outside the Classroom Curriculum Coordinator

"What was wonderful was that we were able to get Suitable up and implemented it into the tech piece in less than 2 months, so that was huge."

Victoria Kerr

Victoria Kerr

Director of Career Development

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