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Student Enrollment, Retention and Persistence

Turning Student Retention Into Student Success

Don't just retain students--invest in their success. Suitable's student retention software solutions allow you to track and encourage student persistence, leading them to a timely graduation.

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How will your school go from reactive to proactive when it comes to predicting, modeling, and improving student retention?

Student Retention Solutions

First-Year Experiences
First-Generation Students
Early Alert and Intervention
First-Year Experiences

Encourage Student Persistence From Day One

  • Start setting up your first-year students for success as soon as their deposit clears.
  • Launch and track custom orientations, convocations, welcome weeks, and new student seminars via our mobile app.
  • Help students develop successful habits from day one.
Encourage Student Persistence From Day 1

Bring over academic and experiential records

  • Don’t forget about the needs of your transfer students.
  • Give transfer students a special blueprint to succeeding at your school.
  • Enable them to transfer experiential records along with their academic history.
First-Generation Students

Leverage an award-winning framework

  • Get your First-Gen students on the right track early.
  • Leverage industry best practices and frameworks to support first-gen success through all academic years.
  • Meet first-gen students where they are – their smartphones.
  • Our partner, Northern Arizona University, recently received the prestigious national honor of “First-Forward Designation".
Early Alert and Intervention

It's time to get proactive about your student's success

  • Augment your student retention plan with crucial experiential data that can help identify at-risk students.
  • Use student retention management software to monitor student progress in real-time so that you’re always in the know.
  • Personalize your communication to at-risk students with tailored push notifications.
Early Alert and Intervention student persistence

Tools of Engagement

Using the cutting-edge student engagement features below, build your fitness tracker for higher education today.

Custom first year experiences@2x

Custom First Year Experiences

Interactive First Year Seminar@2x

Interactive First Year Seminars

Mobile Convocations@2x

Mobile Convocations

Faculty Dashboard@2x

Faculty Dashboards

Transfer Student Badges@2x

Transfer Student Badges

Transfer Intergrations@2x

Transfer+ Integration (Pro users)

First Gen Forward Framework@2x

First-Gen Forward Framework

First Gen Specific Achievements@2x

First-Gen-Specific Achievements

Mobile Nudges@2x

Mobile Nudges

Real time data@2x

Real-time data

Automated Alerts 2@2x

Automated alerts

"It was so opportune when we found Suitable. Before we didn't have any way for students to collect their experiences, reflect on them as they move through the scaffolding of our competencies"

Jo Chytka

Jo Chytka

Director of Academic, Career and Exploratory Studies Center (ACES) University of Wyoming

"The technology, the leaderboard, and the badges, are a way for students to recognize what others are doing, and that they can do those things too and that is immensely helpful."


Tyler Wiersma

Assistant Director for Undergraduate Professional Development

"We feel like students often don't know how to tell their story and the competency model that underpins Suitable we feel gives us a way to help our students tell their story."

David Mothersbaugh

David Mothersbaugh

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Suitable keeps everything in one nice and neat place with great reporting capabilities so it makes it really easy to keep track of the success of individual events as well as the aggregate."

Laura Broomell

Laura Broomell

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

"Suitable is the glue of the OCC because it's what students are logging into, what they're using, what they're seeing, and they can navigate their scorecard and their achievements, and it's important that they have a system that they trust."

Amy Vaught

Amy Vaught

Outside the Classroom Curriculum Coordinator

"What was wonderful was that we were able to get Suitable up and implemented it into the tech piece in less than 2 months, so that was huge."

Victoria Kerr

Victoria Kerr

Director of Career Development

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Design and implement a cutting edge roadmap to student development outside the classroom.

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