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The Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript That Over-Achieves

Don’t just offer a list of student experiences. Hand your students a dynamic, real-time co-curricular record of their entire college experience. With Co-Curricular Transcripts from Suitable, your students can showcase the competencies, achievements, high-impact practices and milestones they’ve achieved with your university. Help each student tell the complete story of the well-rounded, career-ready graduate they’ve become.

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Co-Curricular Transcript Features

The Experience Showcase

Give Your Students A Measurable Way To Tell Their Story

  • Provide a space for students to give an introduction, including major, GPA and a brief bio
  • Define the learning outcomes and categories. Then watch the engagement increase in real time.
  • Track progress towards skill acquisition and competency development by experience or by time. Make it official with your school seal and registrar's signature.
The Co-Curricular Involvement Timeline

Your Campus Engagement, One Experience At A Time

  • Get a year-over-year view of a student’s co-curricular and experiential learning.
  • No maintenance needed, Suitable updates and maintains the co-curricular record data in real-time.
  • Give your advisors a robust view of student participation they can use to improve student outcomes.
Badge Backpack
The Digital Badge Backpack

High-Impact Practices, Achievements & Milestones

  • Recognize and celebrate students as they reach new milestones and earn digital badges.
  • Showcase the high-impact practices and experience highlights that became the defining moments of each student’s college experience.
  • Give students a way to show the different experiential milestones they've reached.
The Competency Map

How Experiences Translate to Skills

  • A comprehensive visualization of a student’s skill set based on their unique involvement journey.
  • Pick from one of Suitable’s competency frameworks or customize your own.
  • Help students articulate their strengths in a format employers better understand.
Competency map
ePortfolio sized
The ePortfolio

Co-Curricular Transcripts & ePortfolios: Together At Last

  • Replace your outdated ePortfolio system with Suitable and offer a more unified experience for students.
  • Collect relevant work products, evidence, and other portfolio items with ease, right alongside the rest of the student’s co-curricular and experiential learning data.
  • Our ePortfolios accept and maintain all standard file and media types (pictures, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, website links, etc).
  • Students have full control over which ePortfolio items are private and which are public.

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