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Student Development and Skill Acquisition

Build better pathways to student success

Everything you need to design and implement a state-of-the-art student experience and guide your students’ learning and development outside the classroom.

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How will your school define progress towards learning outcomes and, ultimately, student success to ensure students reach their full potential?

Suitable’s Student Development Solutions

Personalized Dashboards
Scaffold Skill and Competency Development
Custom Micro, Macro, and Hybrid Credentialing
Verified Experiential Learning Records
Personalized Dashboards

Show students the way

  • Create highly tailored learning journeys that automatically become more personalized to the student as they progress.
  • Use one of our ready-made frameworks to align Student Learning Outcomes with competencies or customize your own.
  • Help students chart their path and plan experiences just like they do with courses and their academic transcript.
  • Foster greater institutional collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts by sharing experiences across units. (Enterprise users only)
Scaffold Skill and Competency Development

Give students the “Why”

  • For many students, it’s unclear why they should be involved outside the classroom. At Suitable, we make it clear for students, which is why they keep coming back to the app.
  • Optimize the student experience by meeting students where they are and encouraging involvement that matches.
  • Help students develop key skills and competencies necessary for lifelong success.
  • Empower every student with the tools they need to bridge learning gaps and articulate their skills.
Custom Micro, Macro, and Hybrid Credentialing

Learning comes in all different shapes and sizes

  • No matter how small or large the accomplishment, Suitable makes it easy to create branded achievement badges that you can assign to students and student organizations.
  • Use our robust achievement segmentation workflows to properly segment, enroll, and promote your achievement badges to the right students.
  • For the most advanced schools, you can now seamlessly integrate curricular requirements into your achievement badges and sync progress to your advising system or LMS. (Enterprise users only)
Verified Experiential Learning Records

Let’s give them something to talk about

  • Offer an all-in-one Experiential Learning Record to all your students with ease.
  • Students can share their Experiential Learning Records anywhere over the web.
  • Equip Registrars with a revolutionary complement to the academic transcript.
  • Provide students with a downloadable version and have full control over branding: including seal, look and feel, and even color codes. (Enterprise users only)

The world’s first all-in-one Experiential Learning Record

Offer every student a shareable and portable record of their learning and development that showcases their knowledge, articulates their skills, and updates automatically as they progress.

Tools of Engagement

Using the cutting-edge student engagement features below, build your fitness tracker for higher education today.

Mobile App Dashboard 2@2x

Mobile App Tracking Dashboards

AI Powered Personalization@2x

AI Powered Personalization

Digital Badge Backpack@2x

Digital Badge Backpack

Experience Sharing@2x

Experience Sharing Digest (Pro users)

Competency Map@2x

Competency Maps

Levels of proficiency@2x

Levels of Proficiency

Skills Graph 2@2x

Skills Graph (Pro users)

Integrated E-Portfolio@2x

Integrated ePortfolios

Achievements and Milestones 2@2x

Achievements and Milestones

Rewards, Awards. Incentives@2x

Rewards, Awards, and Incentives

Smart Badge Segmentation@2x

Smart Badge Segmentation and Enrollment

Hybrid Credentials Integration@2x

Hybrid Credentials Integration (Pro users)

Web and Mobile Records@2x

Web and Mobile Records

Offline & Online Records@2x

Offline and Online Records

Unique Records Share Links@2x

Unique Record Share Links

Advanced Branding Control@2x

Advanced Branding Control (Enterprise users)

"It was so opportune when we found Suitable. Before we didn't have any way for students to collect their experiences, reflect on them as they move through the scaffolding of our competencies"

Jo Chytka

Jo Chytka

Director of Academic, Career and Exploratory Studies Center (ACES) University of Wyoming

"The technology, the leaderboard, and the badges, are a way for students to recognize what others are doing, and that they can do those things too and that is immensely helpful."


Tyler Wiersma

Assistant Director for Undergraduate Professional Development

"We feel like students often don't know how to tell their story and the competency model that underpins Suitable we feel gives us a way to help our students tell their story."

David Mothersbaugh

David Mothersbaugh

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Suitable keeps everything in one nice and neat place with great reporting capabilities so it makes it really easy to keep track of the success of individual events as well as the aggregate."

Laura Broomell

Laura Broomell

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

"Suitable is the glue of the OCC because it's what students are logging into, what they're using, what they're seeing, and they can navigate their scorecard and their achievements, and it's important that they have a system that they trust."

Amy Vaught

Amy Vaught

Outside the Classroom Curriculum Coordinator

"What was wonderful was that we were able to get Suitable up and implemented it into the tech piece in less than 2 months, so that was huge."

Victoria Kerr

Victoria Kerr

Director of Career Development

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