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Ep12: Tying It All Together: The Future of Co-Curricular Learning & Assessment

June 14, 2022
12:00 PM EST
Suitable Innovator

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Join us for the season finale of Dr. Audrey Murrell’s series, “Re-Envisioning Student Engagement”. Since March 2021, Audrey has tackled a wide range of topics related to student engagement and success in the context of the ever-changing landscape of higher education.

What does it all mean for the future of the student experience? How can schools make sense of the shifts and innovation that the pandemic spurred? How do schools ensure they continue engaging students and promoting successful outcomes in this advancing landscape?

As we look toward the future of student development, it only feels right to have an expert such as Dr. Amelia Parnell from NASPA as our final featured guest. Amelia brings years of research experience and a wealth of knowledge on co-curricular frameworks, assessment of student learning outcomes and how to leverage data to inform strategy across the institution.

We invite you to join us for our final episode, as Dr. Murrell and Dr. Parnell tie together the insights and strategies that have been viewed by over 1,600 higher education leaders across the nation. We know the value and impact of co-curricular learning on student outcomes. Let's connect the dots and see what comes next on the pathway to student success.


Tuesday, June 14 12:00PM-12:05PM

Opening Remarks

By Mark Visco Jr.

Tuesday, June 14 12:05PM-12:45PM

Ep12: Tying It All Together: The Future of Co-Curricular Learning & Assessment

By Dr. Audrey Murrell and guest speaker Dr. Amelia Parnell

Tuesday, June 14 12:45PM-1:00PM

Live Q&A

Join us for a breakdown of the presentation and have all of your questions answered!


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Dr. Audrey Murrell

Professor, Author, Researcher

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Dr. Amelia Parnell

Vice President for Research and Policy, NASPA

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Mark Visco Jr.

CEO and Co-Founder, Suitable

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