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Suitable Innovator

Ep 1: Disruptive Innovation and a Post-Pandemic Campus

April 20, 2021
01:00 PM EST
Suitable Innovator

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A live, interactive roundtable with industry leader Dr. Audrey Murrell. Audrey will present on strategies for getting and keeping students engaged outside the classroom on a post-pandemic campus. She will call for open discourse around topics such as Inclusive Engagement, Student Retention, and Experiential Learning in a new era of Higher Education.

This discussion will delve into the response to timely questions such us:

  • How should we think about issues such as competency-based learning, disruptive innovation and the need to re-envision student engagement in our post-pandemic learning environments?
  • What kind of conversations are needed on our campuses as we rethink, redesign and recreate student engagement into the future?
  • How do we learn from the disruption of the pandemic in ways that help us to become more innovative and impactful?


Tuesday, April 20 1:00PM-1:15PM

Audrey's Presentation

Listen to Audrey review and introduce the topics and themes from her blog post.

Tuesday, April 20 1:15PM-2:00PM

Live Discussion

Join us for a live conversation and share your insights with the community!


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Audrey Murrell, PhD

Professor, Author, and Researcher

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Angela Visco

Vice President, University Success

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Mark Visco Jr.

Co-founder and CEO

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