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How It Works - Episode 6: Creating a Brand Identity that Resonates with Your Students

March 14, 2023
12:00 PM EST
Suitable Innovator

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We invite you to join us on March 14th at 12pm (ET) for Episode 6 of Dr. Murrell's "How It Works" webinar series. In this episode, Dr. Murrell will interview Coco Wu from the University of Central Washington's School of Business. Coco Wu received the Pathway's 2022 award for "Best Branding" for their creative branding of EDGE. Hear how Coco was able to form a brand identity that resonated with students and aligned with CWU's mission and vision. 

EDGE is the Career Readiness program in CWU College of Business, designed to guide students through the four levels of professional development: Explore opportunities through exposure; Develop skills through engagement; Grow experience by practice; Excel by taking initiatives and showing expertise. Built out like a game, EDGE directs student attention to various professional development activities by packaging these activities with Achievement Badges. As students complete these activities and earn badges, they “level up” in the game, and are assessed on their engagement level across four dimensions of career readiness: Academic Success (degree progression), Career & Network, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership & Impact.

This event will include:

  • An overview of how Coco won the Pathway's 2022 award for "Best Branding". 
  • An inside look into how EDGE "leveled -up" by creating a brand identity that aligned with CWU's mission and resonated with students.
  • Examples of EDGE branding. 
  • Real-time Q&A with the presenters.
There is no cost to attend and a post-event recording will be sent out to all those who register.


Tuesday, March 14 12:00PM-12:05PM

Opening Remarks

by Mark Visco

Tuesday, March 14 12:05PM-12:45PM

Episode 6: Creating a Brand Identity that Resonates with your Students

with Coco and Audrey!

Tuesday, March 14 12:45PM-1:00PM

Live Q/A!

Ask your questions live to Coco and Audrey!


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Mark Visco

Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable

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Coco Wu, PhD

Associate Dean, College of Business, CWU

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Dr. Audrey Murrell

Professor, Author, and Researcher

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