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How It Works - Episode 9: Engagement as Collaborative Innovation

June 13, 2023
12:30 PM EST
Suitable Innovator
HIW Episode 9 Dr. Murrell (Final Episode of Season 2)  (4)

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We invite you to join us on June 13th at 12:30pm (ET) for the final episode of Season 2 of Dr. Murrell's "How It Works" Innovator Series. In this final installment, Dr. Murrell will finally be in the hot seat and interviewed by Mark Visco (Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable) and Angela Visco (SVP of University Success, Suitable) to discuss her Pathway's 2022 award, "The Dr. Audrey Murrell Award for Innovation".

Audrey is an industry leader and a fierce advocate for student success. Her inquisitive nature inspires engaging, thought-provoking, and meaningful discussions that always leave the room with actionable next steps. It felt suitable to create and name an award category after her. Despite being the inaugural recipient in 2022, her persistent spirit and unrelenting drive for innovation have set the bar high for future nominees and winners of this award.

This event will include:
- An overview of "The Dr. Audrey Murrell Award for Innovation" and what it takes to earn it.
- Insights into Dr. Murrell's process for continuous innovation.
- Strategies and best practices for change management.
- Real-time Q&A with Dr. Murrell, Angela, and Mark!

There is no cost to attend, and a post-event recording will be sent out to all who register.



Wednesday, June 07 11:00AM-11:05AM

Opening Remarks

by Mark Visco

Wednesday, June 07 11:05AM-11:45AM

Episode 9: Engagement as Collaborative Innovation

With Dr. Murrell

Wednesday, June 07 12:45PM-1:00PM

Real-time Q/A!

Ask your questions to Dr. Murrell, Angela and Mark!


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Mark Visco

Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable

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Dr. Audrey Murrell

Professor, Author, and Researcher

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Angela Hersch

VP of University Success, Suitable

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