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How Pitt Tracks Competency-Based Learning To Drive Co-Curricular Outcomes

November 6, 2018
02:00 PM EST
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The University of Pittsburgh creates the Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC), a competency development plan to provide students with a well rounded college experience. Open to all Pitt students, regardless of major or career path, the OCC helps them to develop highly desirable character traits and life skills. By partnering with Suitable, students can efficiently track their progress and development.


Tuesday, November 06 2:00PM-3:00PM

How Competency Tracking Drives Co-Curricular Outcomes & Assessment

The University of Pittsburgh develops the OCC and partners with Suitable so students can efficiently track their progress and development as they gain necessary soft skills.


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Amy Vaught

OCC Program Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh

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Mark Visco

Co-Founder and CEO at Suitable

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