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Improve Student Participation and Assessment of High Impact Practices (HIPs)

April 9, 2020
02:00 PM EST

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Calling all Directors of Experiential Learning, Provosts and strategic planning committees who have a goal to help their students build an Experiential Learning Record and also better articulate their career readiness.

Join host Sean Carson, Vice President of University Partnerships with Suitable, as he shares how Suitable is helping universities unify, encourage, track and verify experiential learning across campus. Through Suitable’s unique approach, schools can integrate all of their HIPs into one place to construct a Catalog of Experiential Learning Opportunities that scaffolds a student’s development overtime.

This session will include examples of how we partner with schools to launch institutional initiatives that achieve strategic goals while collecting more Experiential Learning data than ever before.


Thursday, April 09 2:00PM-3:00PM

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High impact practices lie at the core of any student engagement strategies. Discover how you can use your HIPs to engage students at a high level.


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Sean Carson

VP of University Partnerships, Suitable

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