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NCHC: Learning Outside of the Classroom: A Discussion of the Pitt Honors Outside of the Classroom Curriculum

November 5, 2020
11:00 AM EST
Industry Spotlight

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The University of Pittsburgh Honors College Outside-of-the-Classroom Curriculum (OCC) is a competency-based program that helps students to organize, plan, and communicate the benefit of their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Pitt Honors OCC is based on the understanding that learning and personal development do not merely take place inside a classroom or a formal structure. However, it can be very challenging for actively engaged students to effectively manage their many activities, events, projects, and participation in student organizations.

Since college students spend about 80% of their time outside the formal classroom, the Pitt Honors OCC provides a logic and a structure for students to organize their efforts in a way that complements their personal and professional development. Using a proprietary technology developed by Suitable, students can track and share their Pitt Honors OCC outcomes. Students who are admitted to the honors joint degree or honors distinction program are required to complete the Pitt Honors OCC. Our session describes the design, technology and data that are key components of the OCC. In addition, information on how this can be adopted to other honors programs.


Friday, November 05 11:00AM-12:00PM

Presentation by Dr. Audrey Murrell, Bryan Schultz, Everett Herman, and Mark Visco Jr.


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Dr. Audrey Murrell

Acting Dean

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Mark Visco Jr.

Co-Founder and CEO

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Bryan Schultz

Director of Global and Experiential Programs

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Everett Herman

Director of Student and Faculty Engagement

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