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Solving the Articulation Gap | NACE Insights & Solutions Webinar

February 9, 2024
12:00 PM EST
Industry Spotlight

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In partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, we invite you to join us on Friday, February 9th at 12pm (ET) for a NACE Insights & Solutions webinar.

Please join Mallory Milberger (Program Coordinator), from the University of Pittsburgh as they showcase their student success platform, Outside the Classroom Curriculum (The OCC). The Outside the Classroom Curriculum, powered by Suitable, is a competency-based, co-curricular engagement initiative that hosts a collection of co-curricular experiences, programs, and events happening at Pitt. Open to all Pitt students regardless of major or career path, The OCC lets students make the most of their collegiate experience and helps track and develop professional and personal skills/traits that will prepare them for life after graduation.

This event will provide:

  • Gain insights into how Pitt OCC uses Suitable to assess co-curricular involvement and experiential learning.
  • Learn how Pitt OCC is helping students articulate their student journey with co-curricular transcripts and ePortfolios.
  • Walk away with key strategies and takeaways to improve student engagement on your campus.


Friday, February 09 12:00PM-12:05PM

Opening Remarks

By Mark Visco

Friday, February 09 12:05PM-12:45PM

Solving the Articulation Gap

By Amy & Mallory

Friday, February 09 12:45PM-1:00PM

Live Q&A!

Get your questions answered by Amy, Mallory and Mark!


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Mark Visco

Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable

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Amy Vaught

Assistant Director of The Outside Classroom Curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh

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Mallory Miliberger

Program Coordinator of The Outside Classroom Curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh

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