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Re-Envisioning Professional Development and Scaffolding Student Success

May 16, 2023
11:00 AM EST
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We invite you to join us on Tuesday, May 16th, at 11am (ET) as Dr. Aaron Franklin (Associate Dean for Doctoral Education) from the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University showcase their student professional development platform, Deep Blue. Deep Blue was designed to help students prepare for, select and succeed in their chosen career path. By leveraging co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities, Duke engineering students are encouraged to hone skills, master competencies, and explore interests. With Suitable, Duke is able to increase student involvement in Deep Blue and unlock data analytics on what's working and not working with students.

One special inclusion within Deep Blue is the "Ph.D. Plus" certificate. To complete the Ph.D. Plus certificate, students must earn a certain number of points each academic year. These points can be earned through workshops and skill-based learning sessions, as well as, career-themed courses. Enrollment into the certificate operates on a cohort basis and runs in three-year cycles. Each year focuses on a different career path — Academia, Industry & Government or Entrepreneurship, Business, Law & Consulting.

This event will provide:

- An overview of Deep Blue and the seven competencies.
- A look at the structure of Ph.D. Plus, and how students complete it.
- Examples of Deep Blue student incentives and rewards.
- A brief walkthrough of key Suitable capabilities.
- Live Q&A with Aaron!

There is no cost to attend, and a post-event recording will be sent out to all those who register.


Tuesday, May 16 11:00AM-11:05AM

Opening Remarks

By Natalie Chadwell

Tuesday, May 16 11:05AM-11:45AM

Re-Envisioning Professional Development and Scaffolding Student Success

With Dr. Aaron Franklin

Tuesday, May 16 11:45AM-12:00PM

Live Q&A

Ask your questions LIVE to Aaron and Sara!


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Aaron Franklin

Associate Dean for Doctoral Education, Duke University

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Natalie Chadwell

Event Marketing Coordinator, Suitable

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