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Pathways to Student Development and Success 2021

July 21, 2021
09:30 AM EST

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After hosting 1,400+ virtual attendees in 2020, this year’s conference comes at an opportune moment in time when the future of Higher Education is approaching faster than expected. Long overdue technological advancements will come to a much needed, and expeditious, fruition.  All the administrative hardships and challenges faced over the years, especially throughout pandemic, will manifest into powerful new systems and capabilities for student success. Together, we have the opportunity reverse negative enrollment trends through data-driven approaches and propel schools into thriving, equitable, and outcomes-oriented institutions. To do this, members of our diverse community must unite to solve pivotal problems now while simultaneously future-proofing student success for generations of learners to come.


Wednesday, July 21 9:00AM-3:00PM

Pathways 2021 - Day 1

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Thursday, July 22 9:00AM-4:00PM

Pathways 2021 - Day 2

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José Antonio Bowen, PhD

Author and Former College President

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Betsy Leebron Tutelman, PhD

Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Communications, Temple University

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Jennifer Ibrahim, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Temple University

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Tracy Timby, JD, MS

Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, Bucks County Community College

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Kelly Kelleway, PhD

Associate Provost & VP, Student Success, Bucks County Community College

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Katherine Lawlor, MEd, MS

Student Development Coordinator, First Generation Student Programs, Northern Arizona University

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Kiara Lee Weathersby, MA

Assistant Director, Office of Leadership, Engagement, Activities, and Peer Mentoring, Northern Arizona University

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Jessica Druga, MS

Student Engagement Manager, University of Pittsburgh

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Audrey Murrell, PhD

Professor, Author, and Researcher

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Abbey Mikesell, MS

Director of Undergraduate Advising, Purdue University

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Cory Werkheiser, MEd

Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development, College of Charleston

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Amy Tomas, PhD

Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development, University of Vermont

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Cheri Speier-Pero, PhD

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Michigan State University

test picture
Alla Hatfield, MEd

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Education, Penn State University

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Michelle Chapman, MEd

Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Scholarship, Washington State University

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Ramina Benjamin, EdD, MBA

Director of Accreditation & the Student Success Center, Nova Southeastern University

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Victoria Kerr, MS

Director of the Career and Professional Development Center, Shippensburg University

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Catherine Coe, PhD, MEd

Director of Gator Ready, Enrollment Management, and Data Strategy, University of Florida

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Mary-Helen Kolousek

Student Speaker of Distinction, UNC-Greensboro

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Jessica Lewis, MS

QEP Director, Volunteer State University

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Shawn Dommer, MEd

Academic Adviser, Penn State

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