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University of Wyoming Honors: Engaging Students Beyond the Honors Requirement | NCHC Webinar

April 17, 2024
01:00 PM EST
Industry Spotlight

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Join us on April 17th at 1pm (ET) to hear how The Honors College at the University of Wyoming is working with Suitable to shape, engage, and prepare students for a successful future with their competency-based program, Honors SOAR. The SOAR initiative utilizes Suitable's web and mobile platform to connect students with high-impact learning in research, cross-cultural and international perspectives, internships, entrepreneurship, leadership, and community service.

SOAR is an integral component of the University of Wyoming Honors experience and helps students articulate their Honors College experience through skill development and experiential learning opportunities.


This event will provide:

  • An overview of Honors SOAR and the 9 competencies.
  • An inside look at the implementation of Honors SOAR, and how students complete it. 
  • A look at the SOAR Mentor Leadership Program and Colloquium Competition. 
  • Examples of the SOAR initiative along with recent student feedback. 
  • Real-time insights into their student engagement from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. 
  • A live Q&A with presenters. 


Wednesday, April 17 1:00PM-1:05PM

Opening Remarks

By Angela Hersch

Wednesday, April 17 1:05PM-1:45PM

Engaging Students Beyond the Requirement

By Breezy Taggart + Makayla Koche

Wednesday, April 17 1:45PM-2:00PM

Live Q&A!

Get your questions answered by Angela, Breezy, and Makayla!


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Breezy Taggart

Assistant Dean, University of Wyoming Honors College

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Makayla Kocher

Graduate Assistant, SOAR Program

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Angela Hersch

Senior Vice President, University Success, Suitable

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