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Connecting the Dots - Student Engagement vs. Student Development

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Engagement Links to Developmental Value

The term student engagement is used a lot in higher ed. Depending on who you ask, student engagement can mean something different. It can refer to things like concerts, ice cream parties, or showing up to the dining hall. When we mention student engagement, it is always in the context of a student's development. The two complement each other and without one, the other is lost. Download to learn how to clearly connect the dots between a student's engagement and their development into a future professional.

What Will You Learn in the eBook?

  • The 2016 Gallup Purdue Index showed that 86% of incoming freshmen reported improved career outcomes as a critical factor for enrolling in college.
  • Companies are starting to adopt competency-based recruiting models.
  • Connecting the dots between student engagement and student development is one of the best ways to engage your entire student population.