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Maximizing Student Success through Experiential Learning & Co-Curricular Involvement

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Loyola Marymount University (LMU), situated in the heart of Los Angeles, is a top-ranked national university with a commitment to Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount traditions. With an undergraduate student population of 7,138 and an average class size of 20, LMU boasts an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio. The College of Business Administration (CBA), established in 1926, is a nationally acclaimed business school offering majors such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing. Through partnering with Suitable, LMU advanced its CBA Advantage program, emphasizing student engagement.

About the School

LMU, rooted in Catholic and Jesuit tradition, emphasizes the education of the whole person, the services of faith, and the promotion of justice. The CBA is an AACSB-accredited college and is known for its strategic thinking and innovation. With six colleges, 3 campuses, and 55 majors, LMU provides a diverse and enriching academic experience. This diverse education aligns seamlessly with LMU’s broader mission of shaping well-rounded individuals who contribute to society, a mission further accentuated by its CBA Advantage program.

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Challenges before Suitable

Before partnering with Suitable, CBA encountered hurdles in event management and utilized manual tracking and conventional communication methods. Events and activities were primarily spread through email or word-of-mouth, resulting in limited outreach and reduced student engagement. The process of tracking relied on manual methods, often involving student sign-in sheets, which posed challenges in collecting comprehensive data.

Life with Suitable

The CBA Advantage program implemented a digital system, through Suitable, with a detailed point system that required students to accumulate 2000 points throughout their CBA undergraduate career. This structured approach was also allotted for transfer students based on their total transfer units, reflecting a fair and inclusive system. The program introduced levels, ranging from introductory exposure activities, in Level 1, to more challenging and reflective activities in Level 4. Further, students earn points by participating in business-related events, aligning with the five competency areas that reflect the CBA’s core mission and values: Business Knowledge, Creative Confidence, Leadership Skills, Global Citizenship, and Moral Courage. The program also incorporates badges and achievements, further motivating students and providing a tangible record of their co-curricular accomplishments, all contributing to the completion requirements of the program.

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Outcomes Achieved

The CBA Advantage program has achieved remarkable success within just a year of its program update. The outcomes are nothing short of impressive, with more than 2x growth in engagement, a 37% increase in the number of activities offered, and a staggering 152% increase in activity completion. The engagement rate witnessed a significant jump from 30% to an outstanding 72%, underscoring the program’s efficacy in fostering student involvement. Surpassing its initial goals, the program recorded over 10,000 activity completions in the academic year alone, showcasing its impact.

The program implements strategic measures to enhance accessibility and standardize results. Notably, a switch from reflection to submission entry for task-based activity posts allowed students to submit video responses, prompting inclusivity. The introduction of standardized grading rubrics for both the point system and student submission contributed to consistent and fair evaluations.

Engagement strategies for growth were multifaceted, including marketing and communication initiatives, integrations, student spotlights, and monthly newsletters. These efforts aimed to keep students informed, motivated, and connected to the program through various channels such as student spotlights, workshop schedules, and activity spotlights.

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Plans for the Future

The CBA Advantage program has strategically designed short-term and long-term plans to achieve comprehensive goals in enhancing the student experience and integrating co-curricular engagement into the LMU community. In the short term, the program aims to leverage badges as a pivotal element of the CBA Advantage experience, providing students with tangible recognition for their achievements. Additionally, fostering stronger connections between students and faculty to enrich the overall educational experience. The utilization of push notifications for virtual resources further contributes to the immediate enhancement of the program, ensuring that students stay informed and connected.

Looking toward the long term, the CBA Advantage program envisions establishing a year-end recognition of excellence dedicated to co-curricular engagement, celebrating and acknowledging the outstanding contributions of students. The creation of a CBA Advantage Student Ambassador program represents a sustainable approach to fostering a sense of community and mentorship among students. Furthermore, the development of program pathways in collaboration with department faculty and campus partners reflects a commitment to providing students with structured opportunities for academic and personal growth. Collectively, these initiatives demonstrate the program’s dedication to continuously evolving and positively impacting the fabric of the LMU community.