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Boosting Student Success Outcomes through Experiential Learning & Co-Curricular Involvement with Montreat College


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Montreat College accommodates approximately 991 students, with 659 individuals pursuing studies within the School of Arts and Sciences, while 332 are enrolled at the School of Adult and Graduate Studies. The institution provides a diverse array of academic pathways, boasting 23 distinct majors complemented by 45 concentrations. As an educational institution guided by Christian principles, Montreat College aspires to excel as a pioneer in Chist-center higher learning, not only within its regional scope but also on a national and global scale. 

About the School

Montreat College stands as an autonomous, Christ-centered liberal art establishment dedicated to nurturing students through intellectual exploration, spiritual enrichment, and readiness for their life’s purpose and profession, all with the aim of making a profound impact for Jesus Christ globally. At the heart of their educational philosophy lies a commitment to shaping individuals who transcend mere knowledge acquisition, but rather, evolve into holistic beings poised to contribute to the growth of the Church and the betterment of society on a worldwide scale. Guided by their mission to foster intellectual curiosity, spiritual maturation, and vocational readiness, Montreat College remains steadfast in its dedication to Chritian principles, drawing from its rich heritage and strong affiliations with the church to fulfill its educational mandate.

Challenges before Suitable

Before integrating Suitable into their system, Montreat College initially explored the utilization of an existing application with their institution. However, they encountered limitations with this platform, particularly in its ability to accurately track attendance and provide a comprehensive repository for students to archive examples of their achievements. Recognizing the importance of fostering student engagement beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings, Montreat College sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their educational objective. Despite initial difficulties in finding the right fit, the Director of IT at Montreat College eventually recommended Suitable as a promising alternative that could effectively address their needs and enhance the overall student experience.

Life with Suitable

Following the recommendation from their Director of IT, Montreat College meticulously evaluated the capabilities of the Suitable program in collaboration with their committee, ensuring alignment with their specific needs and objectives. It was during this assessment phase that the President’s Executive Team introduced their strategic initiative, Montreat 360. The overarching aim of this initiative was to cultivate experiential learning among students, emphasizing hands-on, real-world experiences derived from various campus engagements such as leadership roles, club participation, athletic activities, internships, study abroad opportunities, and more.

The Montreat 360 program was meticulously designed to empower students to recognize the invaluable skills they acquire throughout their college journey and to equip them with the ability to articulate these skills effectively as they transition into the workforce. A comprehensive timeline was established to roll out of the program, targeting its implementation for incoming students in the Fall of 2022. Extensive efforts were dedicated to crafting the foundational elements of the program, which included the development of eight competency badges encompassing areas such as Intercultural & Global Influence, Critical Thinking, Ethical Judgement & Reasoning, Communication, Leadership, Technology, Teamwork, and Responsibility & Integrity. 

The program operates on a structured framework wherein students earn credits by completing designated requirements, which they report through the Suitable app. These activities accumulate to fulfill specific skill badges, ultimately leading to the attainment of competency badges over time. Each competency is multifaceted, designed to foster skill development progressively throughout the students’ academic journey. To facilitate this process, a diverse range of involvement opportunities was incorporated, encouraging students to explore various avenues that contribute to each competency and refine their communication skills for future employability.

To promote the launch of the Montreat 360 program, comprehensive outreach strategies were employed. This included delivering presentations at orientation sessions for both first-year students and transfers, followed by a secondary rollout to continuing students through a variety of communication channels such as announcements, table tents, social media posts, emails, and more. Additionally, promotional campaigns were launched to incentivize student engagement, including the utilization of the Welcome Week Badge and the widespread distribution of QR codes across campus facilities.

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Outcomes Achieved

Since the launch of their platform, they have witnessed an impressive completion of over 22,500 activities across all badge categories. Notably, in the fall semester of 2023, their activity numbers surpassed the cumulative count for the entire preceding academic year of 2022-2023. This surge in engagement reflects an encouraging participation rate of approximately 84% among students. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial 79% increase in activity completion observed in badge acquisition from the fall of 2022 to the fall of 2023. During this period alone, a remarkable 310 skill badges were earned, with six students achieving at least one competency badge. 

The heightened student engagement can be attributed to the strategic promotion of both skill-based and monthly-based badges. They have consistently developed diverse monthly promotions, each offering unique incentives or prizes based on the challenge presented or the points allocated. Among their event initiatives, standout successes include the Thrive Center’s acknowledgment of their Top 10 leaderboard participants for the 2022-2023 academic year, the Spooktacular Skill Month, and the End of Semester Meetup.

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A key factor contributing to their success lies in their focused marketing efforts. They prioritize ample time for thorough explanations of promotions, ensuring students understand the rationale behind each initiative. Moreover, they actively involve administration in promoting experiential learning, with Student Life and Marketing departments being integral since the program’s inception. The presence of a graduate assistant dedicated to event monitoring, approvals, and liaison with campus partners further facilitates smooth operation. However, they acknowledge that their achievements would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of their highly engaged student representative, whose energy and perspectives have been instrumental in driving the program’s success.


Plans for the Future

Looking into the near future, their plans entail enhancing the incentive structure, devising innovative methods to honor student achievements, and organizing an end-of-semester event. They aim to encourage greater utilization of the repositories among students as portfolios of their accomplishments. Additionally, they seek to boost the reporting of activities at intermediate and advanced levels. Furthermore, they intend to continue educating students about each competency and its impact on overall success.

Looking further into the future, their long-term objectives encompass the development of a comprehensive incentive strategy, complete with tangible rewards upon program completion. They aspire to foster stronger ties with the athletics department and coaches, facilitating deeper engagement with student-athletes. Moreover, they envision establishing a permanent Career Readiness badge or credential to underscore students’ preparedness for the workforce. Lastly, they are committed to gathering data that will inform the college’s recruitment and retention endeavors, enrich the student experience, and drive increased participation in experiential learning opportunities.